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I thought I was free and clear having bought my dad something for my parents’ anniversary. Now my mom asks for help picking something out for him. So I’m combing through my favorites on twitter and likes on tumblr for cool gadgets or inspiration. Aside from being quite entertaining, it’s completely unhelpful.

This. I must have this. I will have this in my life, at some point hopefully in the not-too-distant future before I’m too old to enjoy such things. What is it?

It is a humble (but fun, not to mentioned renowned) Kawasaki Ninja 250 (EX250) that was made between 1988 and 2007 being one of Kawasaki’s most successful models ever. It is a simple carbureted 250cc inline twin cylinder engine, that just so happens to rev to a thrilling 14,000 rpm. It makes about 27 horsepower, which is enough to get up to some horseplay, but not enough to get into trouble. Goldilocks, in other words. If she was a fun, sexy chick who wore leather and was smart with her money, instead of a home invader climbing in your windows and snatching your porridge up.

But alas, said Ninja 250 isn’t that sexy girl coming into this relationship. She’s a great girl on the inside, but she needs a makeover. Enter: Blue Collar Bobbers. They will sell you a kit that will turn your $1500 used Ninja 250 into this modern-retro stunner of a machine for another $1500. Combining the classic beauty of the aggressive cafe racer look (albeit with a bit more muscular aesthetic) with the performance and reliability of a relatively modern bike - which, btw, will run all day at 60 mpg. With this kit comes several DVDs and literally all the parts and even several tools you’ll need to do the job. The net result is a genuinely fun, gorgeous bike that costs less than the brand new steal-of-a-deal Cleveland Cyclewerks Misfit - with double the horsepower. Yeah. Want.

"But Shane," you might say, "don’t you already have a girl in your life?" Why yes, I do. It is my dream to build not only my own machine, but help her build hers as well. She’s smart, she’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty, and has worked on her own cars a lot more than I have on mine. Which is why when I told her about this dream, she thought it was a great idea.

And maybe that’s what this really is after all - a strange twist on a love letter to a girlfriend. She’s fun, beautiful, practical and responsible, and I love those things about her. We have so many things in common - need for speed being one of them - and just keep honing one another. I’m very happy. And with us on our custom bikes cruising through town just to enjoy a journey together, I think we’d make for not only a happy couple, but an interesting one as well.

And a heckuva lot cooler than a couple in a Prius penalty box. Just sayin’.

Remember how about 7 weeks ago I wrote a really dramatic post about being unlovable? And how over a year ago I wrote a post about not dating anyone? Funny how life can turn things around.


No, that’s not some fancy CGI, it’s what happens to water in response to a special audio frequency. By allowing the water to pass through the sound wave, it forms shapes that seem completely unreal.

Watch This: Water Takes the Shape of Sound Waves

via Notcot

I just favorited the BEJEEZES out of this video. And you should too.

UPDATE: my dad explained that, unfortunately, you would not see this happen with your naked eye. With a camera shooting at 24 frames per second, and the subwoofer distorting the stream at 24 Hz, it appears in the video, but would just look like a messy waterfall in real life. Oh well.


Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games

Nine months after her successful Kickstarter campaign, Anita Sarkeesian unveils the much anticipated pilot episode of the Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games series, which examines how video games often portray female characters as someone who needs to be rescued.

All you need to know about this poorly-thought-out feminist propaganda attempting to capture the attention of today’s nerdy generation is that “Commenting for this video is disabled”. Wouldn’t want any other opinions voiced besides your own, now, would we. Then again…

Maybe, just maybe, instead of focusing on the fact that females (cuz Starfox sure ain’t rescuing a human woman) are often (but not always *cough* Samus *cough* Metroid: Prime *COUGH*) portrayed as “damsels in distress” is due to the fact that the primary demographic for video games is men, who, above most other things in life, wish to boost their self-image by being a strong, manly hero to a beautiful woman and find the kind of love in the EXACT SAME fairy tales the girls grew up with.


I know, right? Maybe instead of looking at the broader perspective, or at least any other one beside one’s own, some women, when coming to that last dreaded petal on the “loves me, loves me not” flower, prefer to decide that a piece of foliage is telling them they’re not loved because “men are pigs” or “society is male dominated and unfair to women”. Because those generalizations are completely reasonable and rational and that stupid flower is stupid and doesn’t know wtf it’s talking about I hate you stupid man-flower!

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